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Demo is made by Oskar

mooShell - utility to test your MooTools code

Edit: mooShell is discontinued. Please use jsFiddle instead. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you happen to have anything embedded – contact me

I present mooShell – a tool which is helping with writing html, css and javascript.

New/old passion

I've done it! Old hobby reactivated after about 10 years (not including a 25l fishtank made for my daughter). I just realised how I missed looking at an underwater life.

My photo in the Edinburgh guide

My photo was found on Flickr and placed in Schmap's Edinburgh Panorama. It's on Camera obscura (Photos 3 of 5) 19th in a row :)

Make images appear in random order

It's a very easy to achieve, but beautiful effect. All images and objects with class .appear_randomly will appear in slightly random order.

Enough to do is to load appropriate library (Prototype/Scrip­taculous or jQuery), create a site wide loaded Javascript file (in example generic.js) and put this simple code inside:

Working from home

In the last A List Apart article there were some good advices how to split life and work area. As it is quite hard in London due to the high property prices I tented to work at night, or… when my Tosia sleeps. That sling saved already few minor deadlines.

Tosia - 7:05am

Link triggered page transition with fade out

My client wanted to make a transition between pages. I thought it would be difficult to do, but with help of Scriptaculous effects and Prototype's $$() function it turned out to be pretty simple.

The method I used is easy to use, unobtrusive and needs only one element which usually is already in the code – main div surrounding all page content.

Working example

MySQL databases backup made simple

It's a bash program to backup all needed databases on my system. It uses thy MySQL database to get information what and when to backup. It is calling the mysqlbackup command so it's not very good for large databases.

Post is split this post in two parts: Installation in 4 steps and Description.