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New website - EEG Biofeedback

A new website is borne – Biofeedback London. „Neurofeedback is an efficient, safe and non-intrusive method of training, by which the brain learns how to be more effective.“

To create it I used my „still not ready to publish“ framework. After my experience with the impressive Symfony I know the errors which needs to be fixed before giving my code to someone.

Unobtrusive Javascript based login window

Login window which appears on top of the content.

Login functionality is one of the gates to the members area. It should be provided in very accessible and clear form. I think that the best solution is to display a form on top of existing page, send the login request with automatically forward the action to the desired one.

The example uses Prototype and PHP, but it shouldn't be complicated to rewrite it for other software.

I've used this functionality on William Baker's B*Boy website which I had honour to build with Hatch recently.

"Nasza Klasa" conquers Poland, few links in Bookmarks

Happy new year everyone!

Welcome back in the new year 2008.

I was for 3 weeks in Poland doing my Christmas trip.

Thanks for the Jash!

Just incredible thing - Javascript Shell.

Click here to open the Jash console and access the Javascript on that page.

Write there

alert('hello world');

And hit [Enter]. Alert window pops up

Redstore.com is crap - how not to design or run an e-shop

A nightmare before Christmas.

I was trying to buy an Asus EEE PC – nice piece of hardware (4GB Solid State Disk, 512 MB RAM, 7 inch screen, built in webcam and less than 1kg weight), perfect for my daughter Magda and good toy for me (after buying additional space for gentoo :) ). According to Asus website this laptop is shipped with two kinds of battery – 4400 and 5200 mAh.

Video support in Skype for Linux

It's not fake! Skype (beta) for Linux has finally the video support! It's not perfect thought – It is showing the same camera view in both windows. Sometimes it will be you – not your party. To fix it maximize and unmaximize the window.

Magda's Halloween Party

Two small programmes

Magda (on the header above) was bored during memorizing the multiplication table. Being responsible for her education I decided to make it a bit more fun. I wrote the Multiplication table (polska wersja) mostly in JavaScript with Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries. If you have any friends who need to learn it, please show them the page. Any requests to change it or to write something similar, feel free to comment below.

Installing two SSL Certificates on one server

Using one SSL certificate on the server is pretty easy, but what when we want to use SVN with apache and run the site which requires a payment system? Check if you do not have a second IP address before renting next server. Fortunately – Fasthosts give it for all servers.

Configuration happened to not be very complicated.

I made few official pictures of Wojciech Popiela - President of the UPR - Polish Conservative Party

As I support the UPR – „Unia Polityki Realnej“ which may be translated as „Realistic Politics Union“ (the only really free market party in Poland) – I was asked to make some pictures of its president Wojciech Popiela who visited London.

All of them may be seen at UPR official website