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Upgrade to Apache 2.2 on Gentoo (PHP5 SVN SSL)

How to easily upgrade Apache 2.2 running PHP5 and SVN with SSL under Gentoo.

Recently I've upgraded the Apache on my gentoo server from 2.0 to 2.2.

Because it looked like just the minor change in numbers I ahven't even read the documentation. Silly me.

Everything stopped. SSL, SVN and even PHP. Mainly because configuration files are changed and it's upgrade is destroying some of the old settings. Someone said that it should be name Apache 3.0, from the configuration point of view – I have to agree.

Here are the steps one should take to make the whole process successful.

Moving Drupal from PHP4 MySQL4 and Apache 1 to newer versions

Recently I faced the problem of moving one of our drupal sites to a new environment. I had several problems, which probably are quite common. Here it is what one have to do – step by step.

My settings are (Drupal 4):

Old server: Apache 1.3, PHP 4.4.4, MySQL 4.1

New server: Apache 2.0, PHP 5.2.2, MySQL 5.0.40

1. Make a backup of the site (database and files)

Do full MySQL dump (preferable with DROP commands). It's easy to do with stuff like PHPMyAdmin. With a mysqldump command just do:

IE5.5 - IE7 renderer width overlay and difference ability

A tool which will compare pages and show me how my page is seen under severall browsers. Althought I have my 5 browsers set , but one can not compare designs precisely.

Overlayed IE6 and IE7 renderings: Difference in the same area:

Programmers live in a real world ... Hans Reiser's case

Wired magazine published an authored by Joshua Davis 7 pages article/interview about/with Hans Reiser (creator of ReiserFS – one of the bests file systems), accused of murder.

I use Reiser4 on my new server because of it's beauty.

Safari under Windows - Full webdevelopment suite on one Linux machine

The picture above shows Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Windows panel within VMware Server and Gnome and Opera within Linux. Now it's simple. Thank you Apple.

My all machines are running Linux. Webdevelopment is easy as you have the same software on the machine as on the servers it will run on. I have full LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP), Eclipse for editing files, SMTP server and all that things under my fingers. According to my Windows experience it runs faster and more stable.

Beautcamp Pilates site launched

It happened!

Finally. During last few weeks I was working hard to put Joe's design into daylight. Except of all non dynamic pages it is basically an user friendly booking system with big and responsible receptionists side. Waiting lists, cancellations, credits, dealing with people, HSBC payment system with SSL and all that stuff.

Beautcamp Pilates

1st June - the International Children's Day ...

… at least in Poland.

I want to wish all children happy living, and „healthy“ families. A lot of joy, and of course peace to the world…

The filtered bookmarks page added

Just found that I'm lost in my bookmarks. They're well organised, but I'm just forgetting to remove the short term ones.

I decided to put the really useful ones into one page on the blog to make it accessible to public space. Add yours into the comment if you like I'll of course check the links and possibly put on the page. It surely will not be a second delicious page.

Feel free to check: Bookmarks – books, web, kids stuff

New software for Magda - BASIC-256 and Fish fillets

Just installed two programs for Magda (BTW I upgraded her system to Ubuntu Feisty – it's much faster now!).

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