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Music on CreativeCommons license - Jamendo

I thought I will not write any post today as I was in Cambridge with my friends and family to see the Henri Gaudier-Brzeska sculptures, but I turned on the computer to play some tunes before I'll went to sleep.

Jamendo logo I've recently updated the rhythmbox (1) and today, accidently, I found a new plugin - Jamendo (2). I was only two clicks away to discover new tool created to find, and listen to music online.

Free legal music - bandwagon player

One of my dreams which came true due to work for bandwagon (1) was inventing and writing an embeddable music player. The one embedded in this post plays tunes recorded by one of the best bands on earth - Mouse on Mars (2).

Scientists and their laboratories ...

There is an article posted on "Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends" (1) about using "bacteria to steady buildings against earthquakes by turning these sandy soils into rocks". Basically it comes to, that some guy will take some bacterias, put them on the sandy ground, and make them change it into rock.