Small update

We spend a lovely time during the „MayDay Weekend“ Sunday. We went to Hammersmith's part of Thames on bikes (picture inside).

I have installed the 10.0 UV lamp for Gekuś. Hopefully it will solve his little tail problem (0.5cm on the end looks dry). We also started breeding crickets – he has the appetite!

We came into extremely hard coding stage at the job. I like that stage, when plans are changing into living site.

This Sunday Magda will have her First Communion.

Busy days are coming…

Welcome home Gekus!

My daughter Magda (on the header above) wanted a pet. As we had already freshwater aquarium, dog, rat, tortoise, and rabbit (all creatures are living except of probably fishes – no record, and rabbit – eaten by a fox) I found that children are not best in taking care of animals. I pointed her attention to reptiles. I like them and they don't need so much going around – mainly some equipment and food.