Installing a gentoo server without removable media


  1. Fixed a problem with chrooting into read only squashfs system
  2. Fixed a problem with resolving DNS names

I've rented recently a dedicated hosts. It's preinstalled OS was Fedora. I decided to install gentoo, as that's my preferred choice since few years now.

Because strange Orange policy – they are blocking Samba (Windows) shares to the outside world – I couldn't mount a Gentoo mini CD installation disk on the dedicated server.

Download Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on the first day

I wanted to install a Linux server at my new job. I went to the Ubuntu site, but it wasn't working at all. James told me that it's down because of the new version they released today. Perfect timing… I found that an Ubuntu Releases site works fine, but it needs some data (CSS and other stuff not needed in my case) from the Ubuntu one. I decided to work the problem around.