Beautcamp Pilates site launched

It happened!

Finally. During last few weeks I was working hard to put Joe's design into daylight. Except of all non dynamic pages it is basically an user friendly booking system with big and responsible receptionists side. Waiting lists, cancellations, credits, dealing with people, HSBC payment system with SSL and all that stuff.

Beautcamp Pilates

Small update

We spend a lovely time during the „MayDay Weekend“ Sunday. We went to Hammersmith's part of Thames on bikes (picture inside).

I have installed the 10.0 UV lamp for Gekuś. Hopefully it will solve his little tail problem (0.5cm on the end looks dry). We also started breeding crickets – he has the appetite!

We came into extremely hard coding stage at the job. I like that stage, when plans are changing into living site.

This Sunday Magda will have her First Communion.

Busy days are coming…

Jumped off the bandwagon

Friday, 30 March… my last day at bandwagon.

Creating this social networking site was a great time journey, big adventure, and my first full time job ever (not counting companies I owned).

Don't blog when you're angry ...

I was really pissed off at latest company which interviewed me.


It's not so clear to me…

James wrote a couple of nice questions which somebody could ask on interview. And some of them saw the daylight. And I was good. And… they changed their mind. They will just not hire anyone. Just like that. No explanation why. Huge lost of time and nerves. I really enjoyed the company.

When I started this blog I decided to not write when I am angry or under stress, but I can delete it tomorrow, and nobody will mention.