Tosia - 7:05am

1st June - the International Children's Day ...

… at least in Poland.

I want to wish all children happy living, and „healthy“ families. A lot of joy, and of course peace to the world…

The filtered bookmarks page added

Just found that I'm lost in my bookmarks. They're well organised, but I'm just forgetting to remove the short term ones.

I decided to put the really useful ones into one page on the blog to make it accessible to public space. Add yours into the comment if you like I'll of course check the links and possibly put on the page. It surely will not be a second delicious page.

Feel free to check: Bookmarks – books, web, kids stuff

New software for Magda - BASIC-256 and Fish fillets

Just installed two programs for Magda (BTW I upgraded her system to Ubuntu Feisty – it's much faster now!).

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