Download Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on the first day

I wanted to install a Linux server at my new job. I went to the Ubuntu site, but it wasn't working at all. James told me that it's down because of the new version they released today. Perfect timing… I found that an Ubuntu Releases site works fine, but it needs some data (CSS and other stuff not needed in my case) from the Ubuntu one. I decided to work the problem around.

Music on CreativeCommons license - Jamendo

I thought I will not write any post today as I was in Cambridge with my friends and family to see the Henri Gaudier-Brzeska sculptures, but I turned on the computer to play some tunes before I'll went to sleep.

Jamendo logo I've recently updated the rhythmbox (1) and today, accidently, I found a new plugin - Jamendo (2). I was only two clicks away to discover new tool created to find, and listen to music online.