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Prototype & Scriptaculous in Action by David Crane
I waited for such a book after I've read his Ajax in Action

Programming for children

Greenfoot – package to learn programming basics
Great package to write simple software like games.
Notes from teaching a 9 year old Lessons: [1] [2]
Multiplication table
If you know any child who is learning it at the moment…
This is a proper BASIC for kids.

Web design / development

Prototype cheat sheet
all needed functions in one pdf a bit small font though (if printed on A4)
Mysql Tutorial
good reference to have all needed things under the mouse
No more IE hacks
just use IE7.js or IE8.js it will turn the old buggy browser into full CSS2 machine – awesome!
Style tables with CSS
The decent description about many features of XHTML and CSS tags which may be used to style tables
Use Interface To Educate Your Users
List of the ways one may help the users to understand the website
Best Color Tools For Web Designers
Have you had ever problem with picking up the colours for your website?
101 CSS Techniques Of All Time , Part 2
A good list of CSS techniques with examples
Data Visualization: Modern Approaches
A list of great ideas about presenting data
Elements of design
If you want to see how elements of the are chosen by others.
Export from MySQL to CSV
Just a complete solution.
Track the time
good piece of software to track the time
CSS and JS horizontal menu (A List Apart)
That article helped me with simpler drop down menu for Beautcamp Pilates (new version should be launched 2007.06.03)
I'll have to work out how easily move from PEAR::DB to PEAR::MDB2
Resize window to exact size (WASP)
Web ready colour palettes (COLOURlovers)
Web 2.0 site for people creating colour palettes
HTML Email Creation (SitePoint)
Good article – a lot information about email clients