Don't blog when you're angry ...

I was really pissed off at latest company which interviewed me.


It's not so clear to me…

James wrote a couple of nice questions which somebody could ask on interview. And some of them saw the daylight. And I was good. And… they changed their mind. They will just not hire anyone. Just like that. No explanation why. Huge lost of time and nerves. I really enjoyed the company.

When I started this blog I decided to not write when I am angry or under stress, but I can delete it tomorrow, and nobody will mention.

So the thing is. Should one write the post when he's in „bad state“ or not? Should a person be absolutely honest with its feelings?

And I think there is far too many political correctness around me. I cannot handle it. Why not call a thing how I see it? Because my freedom ends where starts a freedom of another person? In tube people even don't look into other's eyes, because they're afraid of going into personal area. Like somebody would have something like that in tube wagon. That's mental.

Never mind.

On Monday I'm going to my hometown. Bad for job interviews. Good for me.

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