Jumped off the bandwagon

Friday, 30 March… my last day at bandwagon.

Creating this social networking site was a great time journey, big adventure, and my first full time job ever (not counting companies I owned).

I would like to thank the team (Andrea, Antti, Dave, Gabriel, Gaz, Huw, Ian, James, Javier, Jon, Matt, Mel, Moses, Nick, Owen, Sam, Selina, Silvia, Stu and Tara), all people and companies I was working with (including Itch, Trevor and the Local Heroes, Road to V, Scot and Laboca, Stephen who helped me with Jukebox, O.U.T and all not mentioned here) and of course all bandwagon fans and bands who where the reason we were building the site.

Have a good time! See you in the real or virtual world.

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