mooShell - utility to test your MooTools code

Edit: mooShell is discontinued. Please use jsFiddle instead. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you happen to have anything embedded – contact me

I present mooShell – a tool which is helping with writing html, css and javascript. Just load the page, edit relevant fields and load the result into an iframe. It does allow to save results for further usage, like I did with this example:­ The tool is still in an early stage of development and definitely lacks some features. Plans are to implement logging, choice of javascript libraries (currently works with MooTools 1.2.3 only), and more.

The reason behind this post is really to gain some feedback – please use comments to write any feature and bug requests.

Current feature requests include:

  • user logging
  • snippets collections
  • tagging
  • switch between and off frameworks
  • load specific javascript file
  • richer interface – collapse and resize
  • compatibility with mobiles

I'll be glad to read more ideas.

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