"Nasza Klasa" conquers Poland, few links in Bookmarks

Happy new year everyone!

Welcome back in the new year 2008.

I was for 3 weeks in Poland doing my Christmas trip.

I met my primary school class. Everybody in Poland has to be now in Nasza Klasa (Our School) – Nice application but terribly slow. It is a social networking site with a good tool to find/add your class in the chaos. Even my mom uses it now. I heard in UK there was a MySchool website, or something similar, but I couldn't find it – please post me that link in the Comments. The website is good as it by design solves the biggest problem in social networking apps – make people communicate and organize. Groups are already defined in the real world, you just have to join or create them. I think I will wrote a few more words about it soon.

I made an update in the Bookmarks for webdesigners:

Best Color Tools For Web Designers
Have you had ever problem with picking up the colours for your website?
101 CSS Techniques Of All Time
A good list of CSS techniques with examples
Data Visualization: Modern Approaches
A list of great ideas about presenting data
Elements of design
If you want to see how elements of the are chosen by others.

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