New/old passion

I've done it! Old hobby reactivated after about 10 years (not including a 25l fishtank made for my daughter). I just realised how I missed looking at an underwater life.

I started to read forums and I found out that Nature style aquarium is the one I like the most. After 9 months of reading about lights, CO2, plant species, fertilizers, water chemistry, fishless cycling and so on I came to a friend's house and I've seen a nice 80l decorative style aquarium. The next day I was searching Ebay for some used fishtanks. And bang! I found one – used salt water 120l aquarium with whole equipment for an affordable price. It took me more than a month to create a landscape (taken in March, the first picture in this post is current look – just 3 months later):

I wanted to create a landscape which is showing a path between two underwater hills. I wanted them to be completely different and use different plants, but it happened to be complicated to handle. The main thing in the style proposed by Takashi Amano are plants, however neither me nor my family would agree to the plants only aquarium. I wanted to have some fish.

I had to decide on the cleaning crew. I've chosen Amano shrimps and Otocincluses:

Next came the shoal of 6 rummy noses (unfortunately one died the same day)

And finally the main one – angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)

I bought 5 of them however there is not enough space for all of them. I will wait until there will be a pair and I will have to decide what to do with the rest. Ideally I'll start new aquarium…

The community is amazing. From a polish friend I received free samples of Hygrophila polysperma and a „journey through mosses“. One can also easily buy submersive plants from experienced aquarists. Polysperma is growing very quickly and I hope I'd be able to create a strong bush on the right side within 2 months. It got a nice red to green leaf colour, I think it will be more red if (when?) I'll add more light.

It's a great fun to watch them. Taking pictures is quite difficult as fish are always on the move.

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