Magda's First Communion

Last Sunday ceremony looked very good. A lot of friends came in. Thank you all for that. Here is a picture made by one of them.

The First Communion (First Holy Communion) is a Roman Catholic ceremony. It is the colloquial name for a person's first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Identify DOM element of navigation item in drupal

This article explains how to modify Drupal system to enable identification of every element in Navigation menu.

This may be used to do some additional work in JavaScript or just add more personalization to menu items through CSS.

Small update

We spend a lovely time during the „MayDay Weekend“ Sunday. We went to Hammersmith's part of Thames on bikes (picture inside).

I have installed the 10.0 UV lamp for Gekuś. Hopefully it will solve his little tail problem (0.5cm on the end looks dry). We also started breeding crickets – he has the appetite!

We came into extremely hard coding stage at the job. I like that stage, when plans are changing into living site.

This Sunday Magda will have her First Communion.

Busy days are coming…

Linux on Dell computers

In a statement issued on its Web site, Dell said it had taken notice of the suggestions made on the IdeaStorm. But it stopped short of offering pre-installed Linux, and instead said it would certify some of its corporate machines with Novell's Suse Linux software. Certification should mean that Suse would function smoothly on all Dell PCs.

Welcome home Gekus!

My daughter Magda (on the header above) wanted a pet. As we had already freshwater aquarium, dog, rat, tortoise, and rabbit (all creatures are living except of probably fishes – no record, and rabbit – eaten by a fox) I found that children are not best in taking care of animals. I pointed her attention to reptiles. I like them and they don't need so much going around – mainly some equipment and food.

Installing a gentoo server without removable media


  1. Fixed a problem with chrooting into read only squashfs system
  2. Fixed a problem with resolving DNS names

I've rented recently a dedicated hosts. It's preinstalled OS was Fedora. I decided to install gentoo, as that's my preferred choice since few years now.

Because strange Orange policy – they are blocking Samba (Windows) shares to the outside world – I couldn't mount a Gentoo mini CD installation disk on the dedicated server.

Download Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on the first day

I wanted to install a Linux server at my new job. I went to the Ubuntu site, but it wasn't working at all. James told me that it's down because of the new version they released today. Perfect timing… I found that an Ubuntu Releases site works fine, but it needs some data (CSS and other stuff not needed in my case) from the Ubuntu one. I decided to work the problem around.

Jumped off the bandwagon

Friday, 30 March… my last day at bandwagon.

Creating this social networking site was a great time journey, big adventure, and my first full time job ever (not counting companies I owned).

Magda was drawing during visit in Kettle's Yard

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Bird eating fish (original by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska)

Show and hide div - Prototype with XhochY modification

The goal is to look if the modified Prototype actually works. Let's make an object hide and show on user action.


this is a test object which should hide and show on user action