Programmers live in a real world ... Hans Reiser's case

Wired magazine published an authored by Joshua Davis 7 pages article/interview about/with Hans Reiser (creator of ReiserFS – one of the bests file systems), accused of murder.

I use Reiser4 on my new server because of it's beauty.

First few words from Namesys's site – Hans Reiser's company:

  • Reiser4 is the fastest filesystem and here are the benchmarks
  • Reiser4 is an atomic filesystem, which means that your filesystem operations either entirely occur, or they entirely don't, and they don't corrupt due to half occuring.
  • Reiser4 uses dancing trees, which obsolete the balanced tree algorithms used in databases (see farther down). This makes Reiser4 more space efficient than other filesystems because we squish small files together rather than wasting space due to block alignment like they do.[…]
  • Reiser4 is based on plugins, which means that it will attract many outside contributors, and you'll be able to upgrade to their innovations without reformatting your disk.[…]
  • Reiser4 is architected for military grade security.

And now few bits from the Wired article:

Five days later, the police follow Reiser to the CRX, which is parked on a quiet street in nearby Berkeley. He moves it to a secluded, wooded area of Oakland and dashes uphill toward his mother's house 3 miles away.

Police search the CRX and find that the front passenger seat has recently been removed. The floor is soaked, as if it had been washed. There are heavy-duty garbage bags, cloth towels, masking tape, and two books: Masterpieces of Murder and Homicide. Police also find another drop of blood and match it to Nina.

To get the better picture read the Wired article ''Hans Reiser: Once a Linux Visionary, Now Accused of Murder''

What I wanted to point (nevertheless Reiser is guilty or not) he lives two lifes – one in the virtual world interfaced by the screen and keyboard, and the real live with wive, children, money and all the other things. It may be hard to come from one world to another. I am personally, easily going nervous.

How about you?

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