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A nightmare before Christmas.

I was trying to buy an Asus EEE PC – nice piece of hardware (4GB Solid State Disk, 512 MB RAM, 7 inch screen, built in webcam and less than 1kg weight), perfect for my daughter Magda and good toy for me (after buying additional space for gentoo :) ). According to Asus website this laptop is shipped with two kinds of battery – 4400 and 5200 mAh. The difference is enough for about 40 min battery live when loaded. Problem is that these devices aren't very different (on Asus website is written that these with weaker battery has no camera, but apparently they sell such thing in few stores). The difficulty increased as I wanted to buy a white one as „it looks cute“ and I wanted to have it in my hands mid next week before I will go to Poland for Christmas.

The white colour was very popular – it wasn't easy. Google products helped a lot. Finally I found one device at unfamous The first impression (always the right one) was „yuk!“. I didn't wanted to use this website as it is really ugly, but as „De gustibus non est disputandum“ and they had a very nice message: 3 magic words which I was looking for about an hour: „Availability: At Hub“. As they explained this means that they are able to ship this item in 1 to 2 days. I used google checkout, bought 1 day shipping and went happy to bed.

When I was writing this message I went to their website to get the exact meaning of the magic words, but I just found that: „Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/bpoint/live-site/bluepoin­­inf_search.php on line 1071“ hmmmm. Impressing… Really happy that it was google checkout and not fully implemented API…

Next day in the office I checked if my order wasn't canceled because of error in address or something similar. No problem. In the midday I checked it again and I found that unfortunately they can deliver it at 22 Dec! I may cancel the order they said.

The thing is, how can I trust the e-store if it is not sure if they do have the item in stock or not?

I asked them politely if they can ship me the black EEE PC one instead and that they be very careful about the battery version as that was the reason I picked their shop. The customer service answered that they didn't understood what I wrote to them!

Hi Piotr

Thank you for your email

We are sorry, we are unable to understand your email can you please be more clear

Thank you

!!!???!!! I certainly canceled the order and told them that I will tell everyone how careful they are about the promises they give to the clients on the website. Which I've just done. I will not advise to buy from that place.

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