Safari under Windows - Full webdevelopment suite on one Linux machine

The picture above shows Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Windows panel within VMware Server and Gnome and Opera within Linux. Now it's simple. Thank you Apple.

My all machines are running Linux. Webdevelopment is easy as you have the same software on the machine as on the servers it will run on. I have full LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP), Eclipse for editing files, SMTP server and all that things under my fingers. According to my Windows experience it runs faster and more stable.

The only thing which is harder is testing. I am using Linux == I am a minority. My experience is not the same as for majority of my clients. I don't have the same software as them, etc. Here comes VMware. I can just buy Windows and install it. It works the same (well maybe a bit slower, but that's even better for testing) as installed on the pure machine. I can test sites on Internet Explorer.

The other problem was Safari. It worked only under Apple's OSX. Few days ago Apple finally gave us Safari 3 beta browser which is working in Windows. Now I have a full working solution! Well, maybe not yet .. Patty Bradley-Diehl tests shows us that it is not exactly the same as OSX version. Anyway it is a step in right direction.

Below – picture of windowed VMware Server running Windows and borwsers on top of Gnome window manager running GKRellm for machine information.


* VMware
* Safari 3 Public Beta
* Gnome
* GKRellm

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