Scientists and their laboratories ...

There is an article posted on "Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends" (1) about using "bacteria to steady buildings against earthquakes by turning these sandy soils into rocks". Basically it comes to, that some guy will take some bacterias, put them on the sandy ground, and make them change it into rock.

Unfortunately it remains me of ice-nine from one of my favourite books - Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" - which was able to change water into ice in higher than 0C temperatures. The story was that military wanted to use ice-nine to come over the swamps somewhere. Everything was just fine except not only swamps started to be ice skating place, but all water all over the world.

Do you see what I'm afraid of?

Imagine the world after these beasts will spread out to every place. Remember about mutation - it is always the case with a living organism. Even if you're living on an Island you may be not safe (not talking about huge immigration which will took place).

I hope that this particular example will be tested and tested and tested and ... . The thing is what else scientists have in their laboratories?.

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